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How to Choose Window Frame Color

How to Choose Window Frame Color

Fall is a great time to refresh your windows and doors. And add a bold pop of color inside and outside your Memphis space.

This year’s most loved window frame color options include cool neutrals, such as metallics, black and gray. And don’t count out darker earth tones like brown, red and green.

But with a variety of different shades available, how do you pick the perfect fit?

Our design specialists at Pella of Memphis can help you choose the right color to work with your home. We’ll go over your options and prepare you with a no-obligation quote—all from the convenience of your living room.

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Remember Your Home’s Style

Keep your home’s décor in mind when choosing a window frame color.

White and black work with nearly any design style. Black is especially noteworthy for industrial- or farmhouse-style homes, making windows a dramatic focal point.

Contrasting trim colors let windows stand out in a traditional home. Matching trim colors that blend in are best for modern- or contemporary-style houses.

You can also work with a color palette that matches your home style.

Warm for Traditional Homes

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Brown

Cool for Modern Homes

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Gray

It’s also important to consider your home’s outdoor materials, as well as the Memphis average temperature. White and other light, neutral colors can help keep your home cooler, since they don’t allow in heat as quickly.

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Vinyl or Wood Siding

Make an interesting statement with contrasting colors. Start with white if your home has a darker siding color and black for a lighter siding color.

Brick or Stone

Contrasting colors like bright white, blue, green or black add curb appeal, particularly for painted brick or neutral stone.

Hold off on red, brown or black with natural reddish brick, since it will blend in with the house.


Choose interesting colors for your window trim, since you can easily paint stucco a coordinating color.

Pella® Window Finishes are Made to Last

At Pella of Memphis, we have a wide selection of interior and exterior finishes for your replacement windows.

Explore dual-color window frames that come with white interiors that help brighten your home. A beautiful exterior boosts your home’s curb appeal.

These frames are available for Pella® 250 Series and Pella 350 Series vinyl windows, as well as Pella Impervia® fiberglass windows.

Our exclusive vinyl formula is performance-tested for exceptional weathering, durability and color retention. And our long-lasting fiberglass offers the quality look of painted wood.

EnduraClad® exterior finishes are available for our Architect Series® and Pella Lifestyle Series wood windows. These low-maintenance finishes resist fading and look incredible for years.

Choose from the most desired colors such as gray, black, brown, green or red. Color availability depends on the series, so ask your Pella of Memphis design professional for more information.

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